Saturday Filler IV

Saturday, 29 June 2013

  • Liking isn't helping
  • Behind the Seinfeld scenes
  • The illustration above by Jessica Das describes somehow my days in the City (Eis tin Polin)
  • Enjoy 
  • Weekend movie (*****)
  • Time's best Pictures of the week
  • This is a raucous rock ‘n roll comeback, and a bittersweet goodbye. Can't stop listening to this album

Calendar Days

Sunday, 9 June 2013

"I have this vision: That I would finally come and find you. Scattered pieces of distance would not stand in my way. Not needing words; the barest of glimpses would suffice for you and me."
-Franz Kafka
nadsat orange
There’s something in Melbourne fourpiece Dick Diver. 
Check them out here . here . here
the videoclip made me wanna go back to Melbourne 

Meanwhile Back To Palestine XIII

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

"When men feel inconsequential, it’s easier to blame women than it is to confront patriarchy-the true source of the diminishment and lack of meaning in so many men’s lives. When men feel unloved and disconnected, it’s easier to accuse women of not loving them well enough than it is to consider men’s own alienation from life. It’s easier to think of women as keeping men from the essence of their own lives than it is to see how men’s participation in patriarchy can suffocate and kill the life within themselves. It’s easier to theorize about powerful, devouring mothers than to confront the reality of patriarchy. 
Beneath the massive denial of men’s power and responsibility and its projection onto women is an enormous pool of rage, resentment, and fear. Rather than look at patriarchy and their place within it, many men will beat, rape, torture, murder, and oppress women, children, and one another. They will wage mindless war and offer themselves up for the slaughter, chain themselves to jobs and work themselves to numbed exhaustion as if their lives had no value or meaning beyond controlling or being controlled or defending against control, and content themselves with half-lives of confused, lost deprivation. What men lack, women didn’t take from them, and it isn’t up to women to give it back."
— Allan G. Johnson 

Ramallah, June 2013
I have shuei fascination with the shopping malls in Ramallah. I spent my afternoon at the 7th floor of Burg El Sa'a (The Clock Square), having vodka lemonade with mint, listening to Lou Reed. 
Salamat Falestine
Salamtak Lou Reed

Love is the Answer

Sunday, 2 June 2013

"Η καρδιά του ήταν σε συνεχή αναστάτωση. Οι πιο αλλόκοτες φαντασιώσεις τον βασάνιζαν στο κρεβάτι τη νύχτα. Ένας απερίγραπτα φανταχτερός κόσμος στροβιλιζόταν στο μυαλό του, ενώ το ρολόι χτυπούσε στο ράφι του νιπτήρα και το φεγγάρι μούσκευε με υγρό φως τα πετάμενα στο πάτωμα ρούχα του. Κάθε νύχτα πρόσθετε κάτι στο σενάριο των φαντασιώσεών του, ωσότου η νύστα έβαζε τέλος σε μια έντονη σκηνή με μια ασυναίσθητη περίπτυξη"
-F.Scott Fitzgerald (O Μεγάλος Γκάτσμπυ)
Nadsat Orange

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