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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I have been told that the blog has been missed. I am flattered. I' ve been busy, (not fucking Matt Damon). Do you remember this goody?

followed by this!

I feel like sharing lot of stuff i discovered recentrly!

Lets begin with a Flickr Page introducing Charlie Engman: a 21 year old man who currently lives in Oxford, UK. He says, "these photographs are not portraits, not of people nor of places. I’m after something much simpler and more fundamental, I think." That makes his series worth a look right?

Last Friday was the presentation of the Design ''Hot Chocolate'' . Hot chocolate it's a great Venezolan line of lovely, vintage, pop, assymetry shoes named‘Chocolaticas’. Being to Venezuela many times, i got the chance to find out about this amazing design by Pablo Martinez and Carolina Aguerrevere and i decided to bring it home! The event was a great success! Thanks everybody, especially the hero-cat of the night Consta!

Here are some photos from the '' we throw parties, you throw knives'' event! Lol!
Yesterday i watched ''Rear Window''.I have seen it once, enjoyed it once, but thought of it countless times since yesterday!

I listen to Grizzly Bear daily! ''Veckatimest'' obviously struck me, or my mind at least.

my little aliens

Enjoy the rest of your summer! I am already gone! happy and always in LOVE!


Francisco Blanco said...

Tu eres mi chocolatico ... que belleza baby, en 48 horas estaremos corriendo por los campos de Chipre
te amo, quiero conocer tu pais y fotografiarlo todo contigo.

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