All you people are vampires, And all your stories are stale

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's been a September of finding things, new things and today i found studioviolet through a maze of links, blogs, artists, ebay items and carrier pigeons. Studioviolet was born in 2008 when Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker decided to joined their creative forces! Dig their page, you can find really cool stuff. This stamps were made so you could become the best pen pal. (don't take my words for it).

This porcelain set was made for a show
Take a look at the postcards,then order a packet of six and send one of those, to someone you love.
Talking about should take a glance through our new blog. Me and my boyfriend have together a new blog on Tumblr with a very simple concept. Discover it yourself by clicking the following image. We gave it this name: Send a postcard, it's romantic!!! awww!
photo by Francisco Blanco
photo Editing Nadsat Orange

I consider Twilight one of the worst film ever made, and the book one of the worst pieces of Literature ever written. But with the soundtrack of the sequel of Twilight ''New Moon'', looks like two cultures just got shocked. The following tracklist makes me feel compelled to actually watch the movie, which is embarrasing
Here's a few more reasons you suddenly love vampires:

01 Death Cab For Cutie - "Meet Me On The Equinox"
02 Band Of Skulls - "Friends"
03 Thom Yorke- "Hearing Damage"
04 Lykke Li - "Possibility"
05 The Killers - "A White Demon Love Song"
06 Anya Marina - "Satellite Heart"
07 Muse - "I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)"
08 Bon Iver and St. Vincent - "Rosyln"
09 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Done All Wrong"
10 Hurricane Bells - "Monsters"
11 Sea Wolf - "The Violet Hour"
12 Ok Go - "Shooting The Moon"
13 Grizzly Bear (Feat. Victoria Legrand) - "Slow Life"
14 Editors - "No Sound But The Wind"
15 Alexandre Desplat - "New Moon (The Meadow)"

To talk about real Vampires now, i finally watched ''The Hunger''two days ago, one of the most enticing, luxurious, elegant film I've ever seen. A brilliant cast (Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon ,David Bowie), outfits and stylish sunglasses, rock & rol, good photography, eroticism are some of the things a good vampiric film should includes.

The following scene where Miriam seduces Sarah while playing Lakme on the piano is the BEST seduction scene in film history!

ps: My three older brothers used to say to me that i was an adopted child. For a long time i believed that Susan Sarandon was my real mother, cause the dad of my friend Chara told me that we have the same eyes. Sweet Times.(lol)
ps-1: You should call me more often cause i love my ringtone, even if it takes me a while to realize that is actually ringing ...

Lucy in the Sky with Bubbles

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The leaves are starting to fall in and around my village. I am thinking that i have so many things to do, so many good things and i won't let this season pass by without plenty of time spent enjoying it. The above image has softened the blow that is the end of summer, taken by me yesterday outside my house.

Autumn always reminds me of my favorite cartoon series : ''The Moomins''. I wanted to marry Snufkin and built a house like the Mommins' one! Sweet times :)

From Moomins to my recent discover :Parskid . I must say that his work doesn't so much excite me as just creep me out, yet I thought i'd share the discovery with you, because who am I to tell you that you can't find it warm and cuddly. The plushes are cute (see the photo below) but his paintings as are less huggable are giving me shivers. I saw his stuff at Flatcolor, which looks like a neat gallery.
Yesterday i found this lovely Photoblog: theoneswelove is beautiful, it truly is.It's so simple. Photographs of people, taken by people who love those people who are being taken. Each chosen photographer is submitting six photos. What makes this different is that not only do all the photographs have to come from a natural setting, but the subject in each photograph is there because they mean the world to the snapper. Here are my own six photos. Take yours today or tomorrow, not any later!!! ;)

What else you should do today: Listen to Dirty Projectors here and buy their debut album here. They are MAGICAL!

Here are tηe rest of the photos i took my cats yesterday while using my amazing new gudget: the bubble gun (doing two things at the same time). Double-credit-me! ^_^

bye for now

Sonata for a good man

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

I watched ''The Lives of Others'' last night. I'm mentioning it because is the reason im not gonna write to my blog for a while!

On a certain day in the blue-moon month of September
Beneath a young plum tree, quietly I held her there,
my quiet, pale beloved In my arms just like a graceful dream.
And over us in the beautiful summer sky
There was a cloud on which my gaze rested
It was very white and so immensely high
And when I looked up, it had disappeared.

stay true to your ideas, to your friends, to your man/woman, to your family,STAY TRUE

I Want You Back (In Discovery)

Friday, 4 September 2009

The following photo project By Meredith Andrews it's really interesting . The set by the name SLEEP/WAKE involves waking people up from their sleep and then cruelly taking a photo of them. I wonder if i look like em in the am. most probably!

Recently Alice Cooper made an honest mistake: "Are all American bands metro-sexual now? I heard the title Vampire Weekend and I thought, 'Oh, man, that's gonna be great. I gotta see it. And there are these guys with little Gap T-shirts on and I'm going, 'What happened to the balls in rock 'n' roll? Why are American bands so wimpy?'"
in this Photo: Alice Cooper trying to be a real Vampire Weekend

Uncle Alice let me tell you what my mum used to say to me, ''that men who wear make-up are not real men''. Naive Grandpa Cooper let me tell you that the band has gotten its name by the unfinished short film of Erza Koening, it also feautures Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot. Here is the film trailer! Lol

You should discover ''Discovery''. Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot men serve up wonky '80s electro pop on debut album, LP. I really don't know how many times i listen to ''Garby''-featuring Enra Koening-everyday, it's genius! I love ''Orange Shirt'' as well!

Phonogram is not only the written character that represents a sound. It is also the name of the comic book by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. What it is so special about it? It's the point where comics and music intersect. It features Damon Albarn and Jarvis Cocker (!!!), with other stories set at an indie club. ''We are talking about humanity's relationship with art'', says the co-creator Kieron Gillen. Release Date: Jun 17th, 2010. Be patient! aaaaaaaa!

By most of other director's standtards the following film would be a masterpiece. By Tarantino's it just about cracks his top three

I love Elli Roth, for so many reasons

I'm happy, hope you're happy too!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

If i were a musician there is only one song i wish i could write and that is ''Ashes to Ashes'' by David Bowie. Bowie is clearly a genius but with this song, i get goosebumps every time. For some reason, i believe that "I'm happy, hope you're happy too" is one of the most beautiful lyric ever! So many things have been written about the meaning of the song (space oddity sequel, drug addictions, Hirosima etc) . You can sit down and analyze things, but at the end of the day, the only thing that counts is that you get those goosebumps right?
The video totally does do the song justice

From Bowie to silent films. Till today i believed that silent films were silent for technological reasons (that there wasn’t a way to capture and reproduce sound along with the moving image). Evan, Lanolin, and Tiborg are proving that this is a big lie and that technology was never a big deal: Directors at the time simply chose, for aesthetic reasons, to embrace the purity of silence. I let the trio tell you the rest of the story. I am warning you, this will bring a whole new world into your minds eye!

David Fullarton never ceases to make me howl! I really admire his ability to inject his sense of humor into his colorful collages

Me haces falta.
My pin es pum

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