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Monday, 12 April 2010

At the Bar, with YACHT and Bobby Birdman (Photo by me)

Me with Claire - i have no pen so im gonna use a tippex!
''it's not a place you go
it's a place that comes for you''

I will explain

part 1
It was a tiny little poster near the musseum of Reina Sofia. YACHT were playing the next day in a local in Madrid! I was like aaaaaaaaahhh!

part 2
On our way to the local, to buy the tickets, i saw the YACHT guys entering in a Bar. I was like aaaahhhhhh! Let's follow them! We walked into the bar! The Yacht where sitting with Bobby Birdman on the bar.
They were friendly and funny.
I was so excited that i left the bar without my handbag- with my camera alpha, passport, wallet in it- at the bar. When i returned they were all laughing at me!

part 3

Yacht live sounded much better than the album. It felt like we were in the studio listening to the recording just afterward. I have no words to describe it. We were jumping around doing choreographed gestures. It was a night full of hedonistic tunes. One of the hottest days of the year! Thank you YACHT!

time for the healing session-by me

by me

by me

stunning Claire-by me

Vinyls are my new clutch bags (by Fran Blanco)

The YACHT liked my photos! If you haven't stubbed your facebook yet, you can check their comments here.


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