Lorna Doone

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

With nearly three years having passed since Neon Bible, the flames are beginning to fire again for my favorite Canadian troupe's third album. They recently broke their silence, reporting what they are having on their toast in the studio...
The Suburbs is out 8/2 in the UK
About 3 Years back in time I declared Mystery Jets a great British Band, after catching them live in Cardiff. We all have seen the five-piece unashamedly expand on the pop inroads they made on the '80s-tinged ''Twenty One'' .Having listen to the first five tracks from the third album ''Serotonin'' it seems that thay have left the shoulder pads at home this time.I look 13 in the arms of Will

me too...
Serotonin sounds epic to me
It's been about 13 years since my older sister gave me as a Christmas present Roald Dahl's Masterpiece ''Fantastic Mr Fox'' which was my true literacy love growing up. I remember myself trying to copy the trademark illustrations from Quentin Blake. Both men are amongst my all time favourites. Here is a fun interview with the man himself
Three days ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon some Fantastic Mr. Fox playing cards.
Run and watch it. Is as awesome as the book

Have you heard the birds and the bees? /They've all got STDs


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