Blue Friday

Friday, 29 October 2010

Me and my cat on Friday
photos by me

What it follows is a friendly visual match between two of my favorite cities: Paris and New York. Vahram Muratyan is a Parisian-based-and-lover on New York. His work is absolutely fantastic. Click here for more details, cliches and contradictions.

On Paris Blue I miss you

I'm not good enough for you

Paris Blue

I'm no good

I'm no good

I'm no good

Paris Blue

Bonne finde !


Anonymous said...

Α, τι ωραίος γατούλης είναι αυτός; Δικός σου είναι;

Nadsat Orange said...

Dikos mu, dikos mu
a itan kana adespoto tha ton ekana submit sto diagonismo adespoton pou exeis prokurixei, sigoura tha kerdize tetoios kuklos pou einai ehheheeh ;)
filia xxx

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