Exit though the sex shop

Friday, 4 February 2011

Exit though the gift shop is one of my top ten films of 2010! Fantastic, funny, entertaining as Hell! I watched it about 3 times. I highly recommend you do so.

This parody is also great.Bansky is definetely a cat!

I miss my cats (Photos by Me)

Bring back the bush!
Start it today!
Spread the world!
Farewell to the Stripes


Fashionable Rose said...

i love your blog!!! so unique :) and inspiring xx

Nadsat Orange said...

Thank you!
I've ckecked yours! You have some very pretty handbags! I have to visit carpe diem soon, well when I'll be back to cy!!

Lloyd said...

Amazing photos. I love it.
Your blog is great. Keep blogging.

Thanks for sharing.

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Fashionable Rose said...

just so ur reply :) new collection is coming soon so u will probably see that if you are not yet in cyprus :) xx

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