Where did I come From?

Thursday, 27 January 2011

(image: from the book Where did I come from?)
photos below by me . lyrics by destroyer
I stare at the sky so I know which way that I drink my wine from a porcelain cup

I write poetry for myself

A savage night at the opera
Another savage night at the club
Let's face it, old souls like us are being born to die
It's not a war till someone loses an eye

Now that you got it all wrong
Now that you got it all backwards, girl.
Enter through the exit, and exit through the entrance
...When you can.

I was okay in everything else there was
Oh, I was poor in love

Smash hits
Melody maker
All sound like a dream to me
Winter, spring, summer, fall, unspeakable!
In a morning, on a Sunday, just wasted in the rain

It so deserves all the nominations its been getting.


Francisco Blanco said...

amo a esa chica del espejo!!

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