Thursdays are for Tumblring I

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tumblr  may be outdatedbut all I know is that it helps me to convey much better than words, my feelings, my thoughts on this year's favorites music albums.Every Thursday, until the end of the year, I intend to present the albums that inspired me more the most, making many of my years's best moments unforgettable. 

Craft Spells- Idle Labor


Πατάτα said...

Irta dame na do to project prin kamo comment stin anartisi tin extesini! areskei mou touto parapano giati it brings back memories pou otan imoun mikri!
Eimaste oulles prigkipisses katavathos :)
kalin eftoman re :)

Nadsat Orange said...

exo ena kollima me to parelthon!!! kali sou eftomada patata mou . filoures antinaktes xoxo

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