Dreaming Of Kashmir II

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Driving along familiar roads, with a long journey ahead, sequential  images fresh through the mind's eye; inspired by music and packaging a vision of pleasures in premonition. To capture the images, bottle them and share them; there is clarity of purpose.

photos by me

Have a nice summer everyone xxx


Πατάτα said...

kalo kalokairi agapimeni :)

Fashionable Rose said...

geia sou! i have been very busy lately kai den exo mpei sto blog sou gia poly kairo! exo na po oti latrevo ta summer posts sou! iperoxa mpravo! i love your photographic style! kalo kalokairaki xx

Πατάτα said...

anipomono na ertis piso!!!! :)

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