This ain't Vegas

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It ain’t the smell, the color or the touch. It ain’t the way the candles melt when you look the other way. It ain’t the way I let your silhouette stalk me. It ain’t the desperate 3:00 am prayers on the speaker of your phone either. What it is is the pleasure of the act… the thirst for blood… the city. It is the goddamn city I’m telling you.

text: Hussam Taha
photography: nadsat orange
video: nadsat orange
in these pictures: Hossam, Najeeb and Ahmad
music: Perfume Genius-Floating Spit


Πατάτα said...

enna me kameis na klaio.. Epies piso re moro?

Nadsat Orange said...

eides ta poulouthkia mou?
manamu tous
ne eimai piso sti ramaloushki
enna erteis kanena gyro?

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