Friday, 27 September 2013

I have been sick for a week. I making this soup today and I am pretty sure it's gonna make me  feel much better. Here is a recipe of the best Minestrone soup I have ever had, by my favorite chef Mark O'Connor 
Ingredients 10 serves 
 2 large brown onions peel and dice, 2 large carrots peel and slice, 1/2 a large celery wash and chop, 2 large potatoes peel and chop, 1 can of cooked red kidney beans, 1 bulb of garlic peel and chop, 1 t spoon of cracked pepper 1/2 t spoon of salt. 1 cup of olive oil 10 ripe tomatoes diced. 1 bunch of parsley wash and chop 1 cup of bacon chopped up (or raw smoked meat)
you need a big saucepan and a smaller saucepan. put the little saucepan with water on the back of the stove when it boils add the pasta you need plenty of boiling water to cook pasta and a colander in the sink ready to drain the pasta when it is cooked. It will be cooked when. you bite into the pasta and it is slightly chewy. Drain the cooked pasta into the sink and cool down with cold water . Now for the big pot. Heat the oil in the pot until it is very hot add all the ingredients except the pasta and the kidney beans, stir and cook until it is soft. Cover with 2 litres of water addf the salt and pepper bring to the boil. Now add the cooked Pasta and the cooked canned kidney beans. Serve with Grated Parmesan cheese and some toasted crusty bread. You can have a glass of red wine both while you are making it and again when you eat the soup

Nadsat Orange

I am also watching Mighty Boosh today 


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Tha to kamo kai ego alopos popse pou tha exo friends over!
filia kai perastika aggele mou

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