Little Misses Sunshine

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Yesterday i was watching videos that we made with my little adorable nieces and i realized, how much i missed them. I Have to say-without any trace of exaggeration- that my nieces are the coolest kids in the world: They really love to listen MGMT, Gnarls Barkley, M.I.A, Santogold, Los Campesinos, The Tings Tings and The Late of the Pier (i told you, are so cool)!. Of course they listen to children songs, like all the other kids in their age, but when they come to my house they are always demanding to listen something quite out of the ordinary!

The day i recorded this video we were listening to the Ting Ting song ''That's not my Name''. They are really obsessed with this song, even if i try to explain them that they shouldn't be any more, because the song has become so popular and boring at the same time!! This video preceded intensive courses to learn the fantastic choreography. From the result you can say that i am a brilliant dance teacher!!!! (Oh, yes I am)!

Yesterday i decided to re-edit the video, so i chose one of my favorite songs ''Kids'' by MGMT. When i saw the video at the end it made me cry: were my kiddos, were the lyrics and the music. Well i guess i have to stop being so sensitive!

ps: a new video from my cool kiddos -dancing and screaming at the same time their favorite song ''Run'' by Gnarls Barkley- is coming soon, so stay tune!


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