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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Oh, how I wish I could do more than just the best hum and cheese toast! Ok, ok exaggerating again! I mean i can do well few things, but then again not as good as a real artist. And i have to say that i'm not the kind of jealous person,but the one time I do feel tinges of jealousy is when I come across people who can paint or sing amazingly or are amazing photographers. I suck as a painter since i was a kiddo, i suck at Pictionary and i am definitely a paint can't. Even if i failed as a painter, even if my mum was doing my painting homework (Write about how was your weekend and draw a NICE picture), i really can't live without ART. Art feed me and fix me. I have to admit that I feel lucky to have great friends that are great artists. The breadth of artistry is inspiring, and i'm thrilled to be amongst these talented people.

Watching the painting of Caro Blaha for the first time felt like the sweetest, anonymous words jump out at me from my laptop's screen. Her name sounds like storybook character. And her work is as big and amazing as her name! I really suck as well reviewing painters. So i prefer to stick to describe how her work makes me feel.

Caro is darling of the dreamy, her work is an amazing world about love, sweetness ,positive energy and goodness. I am gonna follow the famous chinese cliche now so that i stop talking bla bla bla''a picture is worth a thousand words''. What about a video? I'm about to write an essay, Prepare your eyeballs for a color explosion!

Video by Francisco Blanco

Caro has her ArtSpace in Caracas-Venezuela
Video By Francisco Blanco

Caro's Blaha project with Nike
Video By Francisco Blanco

If you have lost your faith in Love and Music, you better take a look at Caro Blaha's work. You might change your mind! You better trust me!

Caro Blaha-photos by Francisco Blanco

And here is my 5-years-old niece posing with my Caro Blaha clutch handbag. How sweet this could be? The sweetest!


MARINOS said...

Ούτε γω μπορώ να ζήσω χωρίς τέχνη. Θέλω να βρίσκομαι σε καλαίσθητους χώρους, με όμορφους ανθρώπους.

Η τέχνη είναι η απάντηση σε κάθε θέμα... Από εκεί ξεκινούμε και εκεί πρέπει να καταλήγουμε...!

Μπράβο σου που κρατάς επαφές και έχεις φίλους άτομα που ασχολούνται με την τέχνη. Αν και γενικά μπορεί να είναι λίγο.... ιδιόρρυθμοι, εντούτοις είναι ενδιαφέρουσες οι συζητήσεις μαζί τους

QualifiedDreamer said...

Hope I’m not offending anyone by asking this: is there an online store where we could buy Caro Blaha art items?
Her work is sweet, romantic and elegant. It just makes you feel good! She must be using a positivity spray for the finishing touch, lol. Love your clutch handbag!

Nadsat Orange said...

Marino mu the same as here! isos epeidi ehume to idio surname na paizei rolo! hehehehe

einai mia omorfi empeiria na eisai guro apo kallitexnes alla kai atoma me kallitexnikes euaisthisies san kai mas ena pragma! hehehehe

kai na su po den einai idioruthmoi anthropoi. Pio aploi tha eleha euaithitoi, romantikoi. Fainontai idioruthmoi giati einai happy me simple pragmata, se antithesi me pollous oi opoioi ikanopoiountai me to posa perissotera ulika agatha ehun!

@ QualifiedDreamer, you are not offending anyone at all! You can find Caro's work in many shops even in Europe, but the easiest way to buy is through the internet. She doesn't have an official web page yet, but you can see her work on her facebook fan page:

I suggest you to add her as a friend and contact her immediately! her work is really astonishing and unique

Francisco Blanco said...

Caro Blaha es una artista completa, mas que eso es una persona completa, excelente madre, artista y mejor amiga que pueda existir, su arte llena el alma de quien lo aprecia y es por eso que estan unico yo la describiria asi...ella pinta los sentimientos y los transforma en sensaciones y colores que llenan el alma del ser sensible.
Que hermoso homenaje le haces Natasita linda, ustedes son las mujeres mas geniales y fantasticas que conozco. las amo

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