Musica, Sol y Playa Part II

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

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Crystal Fighters - Plage

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Do you want to go
to the plage with me?
I'm going down-down-down
there for the morning (Crystal Fighters)
You always see a few British lobsters who has fallen asleep and got toasted

I had to leave behind two pairs of shoes :(
ice cubes!
Going to the beach you will see campsite refugees scattered in any bit of shade around parks etc. Me and Fran had a siesta outside a bank!

Around 6 in the afternoon every tent turns into a congregation of sunburned but cheerful crowd, knocking back various liquors!


Anonymous said...

te deseo un feliz feliz viaje y ojala nunca dejes de estar feliz ... besos un viajero que se despide hoy

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