Unobstructed Love

Sunday, 21 October 2012

It was in the beautiful garden of this hotel where my pirate proposed to me. I was overrun by a feeling of such tremendous, overwhelming urgency that, I guess, results in or  from extreme happiness. Many things are a blur from that day but the few ones that aren't really stick in my mind, easily unleash themselves at the most inconvenient of times to remind me of the scents and sounds that shaped the sensuality of that experience, as if it was a perfectly-shot photograph with a perfectly matched soundtrack playing in the background. Each and every time that I look at my finger it happens, and I happen to remember so effortlessly the love that drove us into that crazy vortex that has left us both confused and lost without one another. 

This song will always remind me of that special day 

                                                                                There's no eye in the sky
                                                                                          Just our love
                                                                                  No unobstructed view
                                                                                        No perfect truths
                                                                                          Just our love

                                                                                          nadsat . orange


babymanikia said...

your best post yet. :)

Anonymous said...


Πατάτα said...

touta aksizeis :) ta kala

Nadsat Orange said...

awwwww thanks omorfa mu mora

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