Let's Go Down To The Town Oasis

Monday, 18 February 2013

Wadi al-Qelt.  Turn off Israel's Dead Sea highway before you reach the ancient Palestinian pilgrimage site at Nabi Musa, their tomb for Moses.  The left is after the Bedouin shanties, their destroyed olive trees and the illegal quarry.  Don't go into the settlement, take another left and then another at the junction. The Bedu selling scarves and jewelry at the walk's beginning will wave you on your way down the hill.  When you come to the remains of the Roman aqueduct at the first oasis, take the path to the left past the farmhouse.  At the bridge there is a waterfall in the winter and a swimming pool in the summer.  Follow the irrigation canal to   another stone aqueduct. There's a bed of flowers stretching down the hill.  The Bedouins living at the river's bend don't like to have their picture taken.  The monks at the monastery lock their doors at one so it's worth getting there before that.  Enjoy the walk down to Jericho, watch out for the hermetic monk though.  After you get to the archaeological ruins on the outskirts of town walk up the dirt path to paved road.  At the junction make sure you go right - not left - to get into the town.

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