Sabah Elnor

Monday, 11 February 2013

A little of this absolute and blue infinity Would be enough 
To lighten the burden of these times 
And to cleanse the mire of this place. 
Mahmoud Darwish
Sunday morning at  Al-Aqsa Mosque -Jerusalem
photos by Nigel and I
MESSAGE FROM JAPANESE WALLPAPER :war peace rocket ships was recorded in various beds across three continents in the first half of 2011. The idea was hatched on a stormy wet day in downtown Jerusalem, where I spent the last few months of 2010. After a sudden bout of inspiration, I set about to gather some things I could use to create music. Armed with several wooden floorboards, an ancient Casio keyboard, a microphone, laptop and a dated copy of Ableton Live, I set out to record. The result is this EP, inspired by war, peace and rocket ships.


stella koutsoulli said...

nice hair cut nigel! :)

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