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Monday, 5 January 2009

Few weeks ago i stumbled upon this “Pollock style” program of creativity on the net. I was having an awful lot of fun creating my own drip paintings, which were fucking amazing! As we are not allowed to have pets in the flat, this program became my new best friend, my creative pursuit when they put me on hold on the phone, when i am enjoying my full cream caramel latte -extra whipped cream on top- starbucks coffee, during an advertisement time period (especially when i watch gossip girl). It could possibly become a theraputic activity for some frustrated souls, that's why i decided to send the link to some friends asking for their own masterpieces!

Here i am exhibiting my friend's paintings and of cource MINE:

  • Never Mind the Bollocks By Antonis Tsagaris:
My comment: Nice title

  • A Colourful Man trapped inside a rectangular box with lots of stains By Alex Sican

Artist's comment:enjoy the art! Read between the lines... or paragraphs!
My comment: nice comment by the artist!

  • Dead on the Grass By Christina Christodoulou
Artist's comment:take my masterpiece and do whatever you want!
My comment: She is flatmate, yeah!

  • Help by Francisco Blanco

My comment:racist (why the boy who needs help is black?) tqm

  • Lost in the dots by Agnes Bartholomaus

My comment: I am gonna find out how you cheated Agnes!

  • Dibujo Tex by Christophe Teixeira

Artist's comment: Voila j'ai fais le dessin que tu m'as demandé, j'espere que j'aurais ete assez creatif pour toi
My comment: Great Parisian Creativity, silly title!

  • El Camino by Nadsat Orange
Artist's comment: Amazing!
My comment: Truly awesome!

For all those jealous out there, here is the application where you can indulge your inner abstract expressionist , and if you feel retarded enough here are the instructions: move your mouse to splatter virtual paint and click to change the color.

kisses from la República Bolivariana de Venezuela


Janus said...

more more more more

Nadsat Orange said...

Glad that u liked it Janus! ^_^

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