All you people are vampires, And all your stories are stale

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's been a September of finding things, new things and today i found studioviolet through a maze of links, blogs, artists, ebay items and carrier pigeons. Studioviolet was born in 2008 when Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker decided to joined their creative forces! Dig their page, you can find really cool stuff. This stamps were made so you could become the best pen pal. (don't take my words for it).

This porcelain set was made for a show
Take a look at the postcards,then order a packet of six and send one of those, to someone you love.
Talking about should take a glance through our new blog. Me and my boyfriend have together a new blog on Tumblr with a very simple concept. Discover it yourself by clicking the following image. We gave it this name: Send a postcard, it's romantic!!! awww!
photo by Francisco Blanco
photo Editing Nadsat Orange

I consider Twilight one of the worst film ever made, and the book one of the worst pieces of Literature ever written. But with the soundtrack of the sequel of Twilight ''New Moon'', looks like two cultures just got shocked. The following tracklist makes me feel compelled to actually watch the movie, which is embarrasing
Here's a few more reasons you suddenly love vampires:

01 Death Cab For Cutie - "Meet Me On The Equinox"
02 Band Of Skulls - "Friends"
03 Thom Yorke- "Hearing Damage"
04 Lykke Li - "Possibility"
05 The Killers - "A White Demon Love Song"
06 Anya Marina - "Satellite Heart"
07 Muse - "I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)"
08 Bon Iver and St. Vincent - "Rosyln"
09 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Done All Wrong"
10 Hurricane Bells - "Monsters"
11 Sea Wolf - "The Violet Hour"
12 Ok Go - "Shooting The Moon"
13 Grizzly Bear (Feat. Victoria Legrand) - "Slow Life"
14 Editors - "No Sound But The Wind"
15 Alexandre Desplat - "New Moon (The Meadow)"

To talk about real Vampires now, i finally watched ''The Hunger''two days ago, one of the most enticing, luxurious, elegant film I've ever seen. A brilliant cast (Catherine Deneuve, Susan Sarandon ,David Bowie), outfits and stylish sunglasses, rock & rol, good photography, eroticism are some of the things a good vampiric film should includes.

The following scene where Miriam seduces Sarah while playing Lakme on the piano is the BEST seduction scene in film history!

ps: My three older brothers used to say to me that i was an adopted child. For a long time i believed that Susan Sarandon was my real mother, cause the dad of my friend Chara told me that we have the same eyes. Sweet Times.(lol)
ps-1: You should call me more often cause i love my ringtone, even if it takes me a while to realize that is actually ringing ...


Francisco Blanco said...

hummmm ... todo esto de los vampiros me abrio el apetito, quiero chuparte la sangre mi chiquita jeje
genial ... ❤❤❤

Trippingili said...

Wooooo I love the postcard proyect! Es increible!! Quiero trabajar con Orange and White!

Observer said...

everybody should start sending postcards it is romantic everyone loves them but unfortunately most ppl don't do it (i'm one of them and i'm gonna change it!)

i bet you already know it but here it is, IT crowd is coming back :D

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