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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The leaves are starting to fall in and around my village. I am thinking that i have so many things to do, so many good things and i won't let this season pass by without plenty of time spent enjoying it. The above image has softened the blow that is the end of summer, taken by me yesterday outside my house.

Autumn always reminds me of my favorite cartoon series : ''The Moomins''. I wanted to marry Snufkin and built a house like the Mommins' one! Sweet times :)

From Moomins to my recent discover :Parskid . I must say that his work doesn't so much excite me as just creep me out, yet I thought i'd share the discovery with you, because who am I to tell you that you can't find it warm and cuddly. The plushes are cute (see the photo below) but his paintings as are less huggable are giving me shivers. I saw his stuff at Flatcolor, which looks like a neat gallery.
Yesterday i found this lovely Photoblog: theoneswelove is beautiful, it truly is.It's so simple. Photographs of people, taken by people who love those people who are being taken. Each chosen photographer is submitting six photos. What makes this different is that not only do all the photographs have to come from a natural setting, but the subject in each photograph is there because they mean the world to the snapper. Here are my own six photos. Take yours today or tomorrow, not any later!!! ;)

What else you should do today: Listen to Dirty Projectors here and buy their debut album here. They are MAGICAL!

Here are tηe rest of the photos i took my cats yesterday while using my amazing new gudget: the bubble gun (doing two things at the same time). Double-credit-me! ^_^

bye for now


Observer said...

omg the moomins!! apla teleio cartoon esteiles me pisw arketa xronia twra :P

i wanted to learn how to play the harmonica cause of Snufkin!! he was so cool sitting on the bridge playing the harmonica :)

you cheated on the bubbles shame on you!

i have a bubble gun too, it's really a fun toy with all that colour leds and bubbles make some great effects :P

Nadsat Orange said...

AHHHHHHHH OBSERVERRR MUUU, ego eliona pu ton akoua na paizei!!! merikes fores eklaia giati esugkinoumoun polla!! en itan polla wow-creepy otan vgainan ta fantasmatakia apo to dasos!!

actually i cheated from the very beginning by using the bubble gun!

ps:the special liquid run out, how can i make a new one. i tried different formulas but all of them sketti failure!!!


Observer said...

1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid
2 cups of water
2 teaspoons of sugar

i use this one is not as good as the original solution but it works the trick is to find a really foamy dishwasher, and be careful with sugar cause everything will be sticky if you over do it.

mix them together and stir well don't shake the solution let it sit for a couple of hours and your good to go!

i've dug up my harmonica :P

Francisco Blanco said...


Trippingili said...

Wooo I love autum and thanks to this beautiful pics I will enjoy it like I never did before, xoxox

Observer said...

np Fransisco
it's time for bubbles war :)

Nadsat Orange said...

Trippingily as i saw from you last post autumn suits you 100%.

observer ur ''recipe'' was a big failure!!!! make up a new one immediately..grrrr

Observer said...

Hey don't blame me it's the lolcats, they gave me that recipe!!

it's important to use a concentrated washing liquid like fairy.
stir the solution and let it rest over night, i told you is not as good as the original.

i'm still working on it but i've been busy watching how not to live your life :P

Nadsat Orange said...

i want my bubble gun to work again!!!lol

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