Polar-oid Express

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

There has been such an explosion in the amount of Polaroid’s being shared online, Over the last few years. You might have heard about polanoid net.I believe that is best web-space to find the most inspiring polaroid photo collections from around the globe. Polanoid.net now has Movies, in beta form. I spent some time today enjoying the step back in time that is Super 8. Have some quality vintage time here.

Je suis jalouse. I just found out about Eleanor Hardwick. Eleanor has had her photography published in 'Dazed and Confused' at 16. In my opinion she is the most talented 16 year old girl in the world. Safe to say, she has inspired many teenagers (and adults) to grab a camera and escape to a tea party in the park. Love her!
What a lovely website this is, and the memo parade is just a wee bit of the loveliness. It don't matter if you're French or not, drawings are the new language of music.
Me and Vesolt have a thing in common: we believe ''Unknown Pleasure'' is still a masterpiece.

Just before i go to bed i am gonna have my Horchata or listen my Horchata...Vampire Weekend has a new song: HORCHATA. You can find out what inspired The VW here.


Francisco Blanco said...

polaroid love ... que increible la niña y sus fotos ... me inspiras negrita
voy a ratonear
t. a. xxx

Nadsat Orange said...

la viste??? no joda! jeejeje
estta buehna!!
mira compra me una polaroid ...soy tu novia lo merezco...
loviu negro

Francisco Blanco said...

ya te la voy a llevar en diciembre mi chiquita ... creo que me van a conseguir una, pero no se lo digas a nadie , es una sorpresa para ti

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