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Monday, 2 November 2009

I know it's been a long time! Sorry ^_^!
I saw the above picture two or three months ago and at the time thought, I’ll save that one for a future post! Wandering what to buy to your bf/gf this Christmas? The eighth collection from the Brisbane label OKAY takes on the very best of the eighties and bring the fire rocks! Take a look. Fantastiques!
Soon this lovely dress will be mine!It's gonna be the best outfit while listening Bat for Lashes or watching Donnie Darko.

I love to watch this scene, with friends who haven't seen Donnie Darko before. I wait for their reactions when Donnie says ''I can see Him Right Now''. Donnie is my favorite superhero of all times!!!

The chanted, harmonious psychedelic-pop band Yeasayer has a new song (ujuu),which i can't stop listening since yesterday. I love this weirdo-pop.

From Yeasayer i am gonna talk about poetry now. Last week I came across some accidental poetry, which i found the greatest contradiction of forced words. Way Shape Form’s edition, ‘I Can Be Your Dream is a collection of ‘works’ from 21 Russian brides-to-be.
The singles website makes very clear, the true intentions of the ladies:

"Ladies featured on this site are not simply seeking an exit out of Russia. They are seeking friendship and/or romance with foreign men because most Russian men do not treat Russian ladies very well. Also, there is a great shortage of men in Russia."

I’m not sure why I like this so much. Perhaps it's the fact that that the authors have subsequently become someone they are not, poets!! I fucking miss my man, and i become so emotional with all these stuff! I cry too easily these days, even when i hear this tressure from my fav the Drums.

If you fall asleep down by the water,

baby i carry you all the way home

Few days have left

London calling

The Horrors calling



Francisco Blanco said...

I fucking miss you more ... see u in few days negra mu

Trippingili said...

Heee por fin noticas nuevas de esas que me encantan seguir ;)

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