Love me sublime, mangle my mind

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

''Tell me, can you put limits to love? Here my love. over there your love? Tell me, can you put a limit to death? Here my death, there yours? Can you cut the sun in two? Can you cut light in two? Can you cut love in two?'' .Those were the last words of the performance ''If you Fall..'', that i saw last week. It was a performance in memory of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. It left me speechless. I left the place with my friends Longinos and Eleni. He is a journalist a. She is a musician. Both of them are little wizards and i love them! On our way to the the ''after place'', we were listening to ''Sebastian''

It's true they don't make songs like this anymore. The Human Managerie is now some 30 years old yet always a stunning masterpiece.
Thanx to Steve for 30 years of class!

The poet, the Artist

Radiate simply, the candle is burning
so low for me
Generate me limply, I can't seem to place
your name, cherie
To rearrange all these thoughts in a moment
is suicide
Come to a strange place, we'll talk over old times
we never spied

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian
work out a rhyme, toss me the time, lay me --
you're mine
And we all know, oh yeah!

Your Persian eyes sparkle, your lips -- ruby blue --
never speak a sound
You, oh so gay, with Parisian demands,
you can run around
And your view of society screws up my mind
like you'll never know
Lead me away, come inside,
see my mind in kaleidoscope

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian

Love me sublime, mangle my mind - do it in style so we all know

You`re not gonna run, baby we`ve only just begun, baby
to compromise
Slagged in a bowery saloon love`s a story
we`ll serialise
Pale angel face,green-eye shadow, the glitter
is outaside
No courtesan could begin to decipher
your beam of light

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian

Dance on my heart, laugh swoop and dart,

Now we all know you , yeah !


Anonymous said...

you are an extraordinary girl nadsat orange

Francisco Blanco said...

estoy de acuerdo con el anonimo, y le agregaria algo mas, mas que extraordinaria, eres genial ...

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