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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Who's the asshole voting as boring my previous post?? I mean my whole Blog is boring, but the post about Steve Harley it's NOT. Reconsider and RESPECT! ^_^ xoxoxo

I have been watching some of uptheriver’s shorts, the one below caught my eye. It is very simple and I loved it. The main character is truly handsome and confused for sure.

I have been listening to some outstanding pop noise lately. ''Face Control'' By Handsome Furs It's phenomenal!!! Friends have told me to do myself a favor and go check these two out live! I'll do.

''Duel'' was on TV the other day! If you have not seen this film, please, take some time, namely 90 mins. I think what I love the most about this film is just how stuck in the 1970’s it is. The plot it's really simple: David Mann is just a regular family man on a business trip. Unintentionally he attracts some interest from a trucker, who takes it upon himself to try and kill the middle aged mister. You are watching it, in agony. You want desperately to call that sir to pull over, use his iphone and call the police. Sir is miles from a phone. Sir is driving down a mountain with a truck bearing down on his bumper. Sir is in trouble.

One of the few films of Spielberg i really enjoyed.

Hannah Taylor must have the strangest dreams. Hannah’s collection, seen below, really is stand-out. She is only 22 and so talented. After being part of the Gala show at Graduate Fashion Week, she was contacted by River Island to say they would like to put her collection on display in one of their shop windows for a week after receiving a special mention in the awards ceremony. Congrats girl!
In 11 days, at the airport, our kiss will last 2:08 minutes. I thought of it so many times while listening the intro song of this miraculous album by The XX.

Click the X above to listen one of the best song of 2009!


Francisco Blanco said...

el beso durara mucho mas que eso ... te amo orangegreat!

Trippingili said...

I Agree! This is one of the best 2009 songs!! :)

Observer said...

Nadsat watch Black Dynamite that's a killer 70'sish movie!!

and don't forget

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