Balance in the imbalance

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Few ours ago I discovered about Janine Antoni via. Watching and listening to her in this video (below) was like receiving one of the most valuable life lessons. It was really impressive, because she was saying what I really needed to hear at exactly the right moment. I had to watch it more than once to assimilate everything she was saying. Her words have been running through my head since then and I am sure that they will make much more sense in the future.

"So I practiced tightroping for about an hour a day and after about a week I started to feel like I'm now getting my balance. And as I was walking I started to notice that it wasn't that I was getting more balanced, but that I was getting more comfortable with being out of balance.'' Janine Antoni

Blue Night Over The Sky
Blue Night Over Me
Dis-Appeared Out Of The Window
Me With Hands
Hidden Under My Cheek
I Think About My Day
Today And Yesterday
I Put On My Blue Nighties
Go Straight To Bed
I Pull The Soft Covers Over
Close My Eyes
I Hide My Head Under The Covers
A Little Elf Stares At Me
Runs Towards Me But Doesn’t Move
From Place - Himself
A Staring Elf
I Open My Eyes
Take The Crusts Out
Stretch Myself And Check (If I Haven’t)
Returned Again And Everything Is Okay
Still There Is Something Missing
Like All The Walls
(English lyrics for Staralfur By Sigur Ros)


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