Pink mud

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Better weather conditions in Cyprus this year, allowed me to see flamingoes at The Salt Lake of Larnaca in May. Since flamingos are my favorite bird I got a tad excited and ran as close as I could to get a picture. I was so blinded by my excitement about the flamingos that I ended up running through some nasty muck and got my shoes all gross, but it worthed it

It might sound akward, but the presentation of the photos above was fully inspired by this amazing exhibition currently to be seen in Brighton. British artist Jamie McCartney has created a monumental wall sculpture showing women’s most private parts.
The Great Vagina Wall

Geotic's new album Mend is the perfect backdrop for a cozy day indoors correcting my students' exams. You can download it here


postbabylon said...

I love the paleness of the flamingo photos...

Nadsat Orange said...

:) thanks
ps: i love your blogxoxo

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