Little Joy

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I bumped into this awesome blog dedicated to a list of all the simple things that put a smile in your face, especially if you can relate :)

For more here

my version !
My Ili came to visit me from Barcelona
The photos below were taken while Ili and I were visiting the Turkish occupied part of Nicosia.
Photos by me except the last one which was taken by Ili.

Yes it happened recently with this brilliant song. I miss my car!

There's been a perception
Of sweet hearts passing through
Some of them left no trace at all
Some left her black and blue

her <3
I love you Ili


Francisco Blanco said...

I lo que mas feliz me hace a mi ..... TU!

ssj_george said...

I can relate to most of them! A great re-post and the photos a-mazing! Punk-doll best... animal doll behind glass second best!

Trippingili said...

Y yo Te Amo más!

Hoy me sentía mal porque con esto me acabo de curar! Las frases me hicieron sonreir y las imágenes me hicieron volar!... Gracias hermosa, que viaje tan espectacular! Espero verte pronto para seguir con nuestras aventuras around the world :)

Little joy: when you meet Nads just for a few hours in Camden town and you click forever with her :)


I adore you!


Nadsat Orange said...

baby que bellas palabras

@ ssj george: thanks George mou. Kait a duo itan se ena egkataleleimeno katastima gia to opoio ekana tin gi pigi na vro ton idioktiti na mu anoixei na ta piaso!!! O ALF ontos ola ta lefta!!

@ mi trippingili que fino lo pasamos vale! Fue short pero sweet ese viaje! esta noche hablamos
love you
u are pure inspiration!

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