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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

To my mum:
That is why the contemplative person, without ever leaving his village, will nevertheless have the whole universe at his disposal. There’s infinity in a cell or a desert. One can sleep cosmically against a rock.
Fernando Pessoa



Πατάτα said...

kai i mamma mou etsi enei :)
kalosorises spiti

Fashionable Rose said...

wow nat mou beautiful photos! sorry for not visiting you so often lately i have been so busy! i miss ur lovely blog x

Nadsat Orange said...

eyxaristo patata mu. filakia sti mama sou. Omorfi triantafyllenia thanks a lot. Kalo kalokairi kai stis dyo. muak

Ameen saeb said...

oooooow i have the same last week i went up to the tree to take pic :)

Nadsat Orange said...

greetings Ameen xxx

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