Exile Compunction

Friday, 27 January 2012

video by me
the text was taken by the story Exile Compunction by Hussam Taha
in this video my friend Hussam 

I was standing so close to you with my hands wrapped around your face. I could feel you breathe on my neck while I breathed onto your perfectly grown beard in reaction. My nose caressed your nose playfully and my lips led the way to yours skillfully. All that surrounded us was blurred by the steam of the falling raindrops that clashed on my head so quickly yet desirably. We were having a moment of utterly organic euphoria that only true lovers who have sworn to unconditional love could have, and only those with the memory and will to imagine could recreate. With the chills in our spines intensifying each moment that passed, we drew closer to the collision; we felt the urgency to kiss as if the fate of all humanity fell on our backs and burdened us with the need to answer nature’s call by producing enough loving energy to build a bridge strong enough, long enough and miraculous enough to reach the gates of heaven where all the rejected love and banished peace resided. I knew the time had come when I couldn’t hold my desire back anymore so I prepared to take the initiative in kissing you but the growing coldness of the raindrops became a distraction and suddenly a source of anxiety that produced a harsh impact of reality that demanded a response and forced my eyes to be opened against my control.


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