My Dearest Grandpa

Sunday, 8 January 2012

photos and videos by me
I spent a lovely afternoon with my beloved grandpa drinking of the wine that he made.  I was listening to his stories, while I was photographing and filming him.  He is the strongest person I've ever met; he lost his wife five years ago, and two months ago he lost his only child, my dad. He has taught me to be strong and never give up, always smile...I love you grandpa x

Retrace all my steps,
which helps when I start to forget. You said that to me,
like the stories the thoughts never see. I pray my whole day,
to see what disasters we live that could call out her name and then wait, let's see what comes crawling back,and I recover


Scary Rabbit said...

Συγκινήθηκα.Είναι γαμώ τις μαγκές να τιμάμε προηγούμενες γενιές.Να ναι καλά ο παππούς σου :)

Fashionable Rose said...

poly autentiko kai omorfo auto to post! kai sigkintiko.. apo auton emoiases sti dinami apo oti fenete.. xx

Nadsat Orange said...

paidia euxaristo polu. euxomai to 2012 na einai poly kalytero ap to proigoumeno kai gia tous duo sas xoxo

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