Pirate's Little Scarlet Starlet

Thursday, 19 January 2012

She is amazing, she is great.  This is the second time she makes take me camera and take photos of myself. (first)  She is just an inspiration. Lana del Rey is a fantastic songwriter, like a modern version of Nancy Sinatra. I like how she says I'm your little scarlet, starlet. This is a song for people that are not afraid to love and be loved. People that they are challenging their life to the maximum.

I'm on my 100th listen and I'm still being dragged. I want that to be the soundtrack the moment I will see you in Amman soon 

My man is a bad manBut I can't deny the way he holds my handAnd he grabs me, he has me by my heartHe doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas pastHe doesn't mind I have a L.A crass way about meHe loves with every beat of his cocaine heart

Swimming poolGlimmering darlingWipe bikini off with my red nail polishWatch me in the swimming poolBright blue ripples, youSittin' sippin' on your black crystal, oh yeah

Light of my life, fire of my loinsBe a good baby, do what I wantLight of my life, fire of my loinsGimme them gold coinsGimme them coins

And I'm off to the races, casesof Bacardi chasers,Chasin' me all over townCause he knows I'm wasted, facin'Time again on RikersIsland and I won't get out

Because I'm crazy, babyI need you to come here and save meI'm your little scarlet, starletSinging in the garden,Kiss me on my open mouthReady for you

My old man is, a tough manBut he got a soul as sweet as blood red jamAnd he shows me, he knows me, every inch of my tar black soulHe doesn't mind I have a flat, broke-down lifeIn fact he says he thinks it's why he might like about me, admires meThe way I roll like a rolling stone

Likes to watch me in the glass room, bathroomChateau MarmontSlippin' on my red dress, putting on my make upGlass room, perfume, cognac, lilacFumes, says it feels like heaven to him

Now I'm off to the races, lacesLeather on my waist isTight and I am falling downI can see your face is, shamelessCipriani's basementLove you, but I'm going down

God I'm so crazy, babyI'm sorry that I'm misbehavingI'm your little harlot, starletQueen of Coney IslandRaising hell all over townSorry 'bout it

My man is a thief, andI'm gonna stay and pray with him 'til the endBut I trust in the decision of the Lord,To watch over usTake him when He may, if He mayI'm not afraid to sayThat I'd die without himWho else is gonna put up with me this wayI need you, I breathe you, I'll never leave youThey would rue the day, I was alone without you

You're lying with your gold chain onCigar hanging from your lipsI said "Hon' you never looked so beautifulAs you do now my man"

And we're off to the races, placesReady, set, the gate is downAnd now we're going inTo Las Vegas, pay us,Casino Oasis,Honey it is time to spinBoy you're so crazy, babyI love you foreverNot maybeYou are my one true loveYou are my one true love

You are my one true love
Grinderman and LanaIt was such an amazing afternoon


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