It felt as if one’s entire world was one, long Sunday afternoon. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

video by me
story by him
The morning light pierced the darkened bedroom to play deliciously on the wall.  Through venetian blinds its golden projection brought with a delight, waking the girl who slept on the bed.
Outside the window, below in the soon-to-be busy street, life was beginning. Vendors carted their goods along the road, heading to market.  Shuttered shop fronts rattled open, traders and commuters greeted one another.  Birdsong mixed with distant car horns.
Stirring under her sheets, the girl felt her body tingle as she opened her eyes to see the illumination within her bedroom.  She studied the objects on her dressing table, each lit periodically by the horizontal rays. She sat up and moved to the bottom of the bed, wrapping her covers around her.
The items nearest the window received the light’s most vivid attention – a perfume bottle, hair brush, jar of moisturiser and a jewellery box.  Behind them a lip stick, pot of moisturiser, mascara applicator and a packet of cigarettes struggled for the light like young trees in a forest competing for the remnants of the beautiful glow making its way through cracks in the canopy.
She cracked a toothy smile and gave a little squeal of overwhelmed delight, expelling the last vestiges of sleep, before letting herself fall back onto the mattress’ soft embrace.  Closing her eyes, she revelled in the comfort and warmth provided by the bed and the satisfaction of her surroundings.  Such miraculous beauty, she thought to herself, letting the noise of the outside world drift into the room with the sun’s light.  Moving her bare legs slowly, enjoying the sensation of her skin on the soft cotton, she hugged herself contentedly. 
Her room was quite conventional in most respects.  It consisted of four walls with a large window dominating one side.  Oddly, however, there was no door in the room but she was happy in her environment.  She had furnished it with the double bed and dressing table, and a large wardrobe and chest of drawers, both overflowing with her clothing and spilling onto the floor.  A portable record player sat in one corner with a pile vinyl LPs alongside.  Next to the bed, amongst an array of clothing on the tiled floor, was her laptop computer and camera.
She could tell it would be another wonder filled day as she lounged luxuriously in the bed.  Instinctually she moved her hands moved onto her legs and the sensation of skin touching skin, combined with the gentle rubbing of the soft cotton, caused her to shiver with excitement.  As she rubbed the inside of her leg with one hand, her breathing grew heavy and she licked her lips before gently biting her bottom lip.
Taking a deep breath she stopped herself, again sitting up and this time throwing her legs onto the floor.  Happy thoughts filled her mind as she picked up her camera.  It was heavy in her hands and its hard plastic case was cold from the recently departed night air.  Her slender fingers ran down the grooves of the lens and let them move across the buttons and dials on its top.  Such exquisite beauty deserved to be captured, she decided.
Looking in the mirror she noticed the light’s play across her face and body.  The horizontal beams embraced her facial features and accentuated the form of her breasts, shoulders and hips.  She lost herself happily for several moments as she studied the girl looking back at her.
She placed a record onto the player and set the needle before dancing herself to her wardrobe.
The wardrobe bulged with clothes.  They hung from racks and were piled at the bottom in bags as well as beingwere piled loosely.  Despite the chaos she knew what she was looking for and roughly where to find it.  A pair of blue denim jeans and a tight fitting white t-shirt were extracted and she put on a white bra and a pair of thin black underpants.  She stepped into her jeans and pulled the top over her head.
Picking up her camera and moving back to the mirror, she altered the device’s settings to perfectly capture the glorious parallel beams of light coming through her curtains.
First she took several photographs directly in front of the glass, enjoying the way her breasts gained added prominence with the light curving around their full bodied roundness to highlight their shape and size.
Stroking her long brown hair, she moved it to one eye, allowing the light to sit on the other strike her face.  Her nose acted as border and one brown eye looked thoughtfully back as the camera’s shutter clicked again to capture full pouting lips.  Another was taken with eyes closed and one as she stood to one side.
Seeing the pictures pleased her and she moved to the back wall next to the bed.  She stood facing the window so that only half her body appeared in the glass’ edge.  She took several more photographs, moving her head quickly so that her hair flew up for the camera.  Her easy posing gave the impression of someone being suddenly surprised by another person entering a room they had been occupying alone.  She knew her long legs and shapely hips, along with ample breasts and flowing hair were an example of exceptional female form.  She moved a hand onto one of her breasts and felt them swell with excitement.
As she walked slowly back to the dressing table she took a series of shots in which the camera obscured her face.  She enjoyed the anonymity of such pictures with the lifeless camera appearing as an extension of her body and its imposing presence.
She unzipped her jeans, slightly pulling them down to expose the front and side of her black underpants, along with a portion of the silky skin of her upper leg.  The next photograph captured just this image, framing only part of her stomach, hips and open jeans.  She found it almost unbearably arousing.  Struggling with the camera’s weight in one hand she moved the other inside her open jeans.  Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she composed herself and took several pictures.  The eroticism was undeniable and her passion became palpable.
She moved to the bed, placing a hand between her legs, slowly moving her fingers as she pressed and felt the heat emanating from her body.  She was unsurprised to feel moist evidence of her excitement.
Her hand moved faster as she remembered him, the love they had shared and the love they had made.  She knew he would come back to her. He would find his way in and they would inhabit the happy world together.  She lost herself to the ecstasy, her back arched as her heart hammered within her body in climax.  She dropped back onto her pillow and caught her breath before falling back into a deep sleep.  Dreams filled her mind and she floated from the room’s window into the street outside, moving above the people’s heads in the beautiful morning light.


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