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Monday, 30 January 2012

photos and videos by me

I look around me and I see more than just walls and furniture; my eyes pierce through the neon lighting to see intimately frozen reflections of those who brought life to this place one way or the other splattered all over the walls and filling the corners with exotic decorations that no merchant would be able to sell, and no stranger would be able to see. I see glorious victories and tragic meltdowns taking place in front of me in the shape of hallucinations that the lens of my camera may have shot one day. I see love dancing around like a hungry red flame under the sheets of my bed where you once laid next to me.

I may not have stayed in this flat for a very long time, but it was long enough for magic to happen and for love to find its place again in my heart. 

I don't think that my landlord will be happy to see his mirror filled with oil and colored powder 
goodbye xxx


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