It's time to cover our shoulders in Primary colours

Monday, 1 June 2009

There is so much I dislike about leisure time. It might sounds weird, but i love to keep myself busy, it takes me away from any vice it may throw my way. Being really busy kept me from blogging quite so much though :(. I will find time, because i missed so much sharing things with you and this is my chance to apologize for being an irresponsible blogger.

The last 1 1/2 month i' ve listening to the best album of 2009 (in my poor opinion) ''Primary colors'' by the British very indie rock band ''The Horrors''. I have to admit that i only like 2-3 songs from Horrors' noisy debut album. I find it a weird experience to listening to this album. It takes the best bits from Velvet Underground, Cure, Joy Division, Mary Chain, Sex Pistols and and a lot of other great bands, to be a suberb psychedelic album. I used to listen it day and night with my man, and it's a bit odd to listen it without him now, but what to do, we chose the hard way! The Horrors' new album is available to listen for free on NME.COM.
Me and Fran made our video clip for the song ''Sea within the sea'' which i have to add that it was selected as one of the great videos on VIMEO, which is kinda cool! ain't it? hahhh

The scenario of this t-shirt makes me laugh! Epic!

Talking about indie bands i feel proud to tell that i saw the brothers Gallagher live in Caracas and they were amazing. Everybody thinks that Oasis is a bunch of arrogant cunts, but i have to say that they are so good that they are allowed to be as rude and arrogant they want to!
Here are some photos from the Big gig taken by me and Fran.


MARINOS said...

Welcome back!

Francisco Blanco said...

Feliz regreso y no pudo ser mejor! jejeje
te amo en colores primarios
definitivamente no podre escucharlos mas sin ti, eso si es un Horrors

Nadsat Orange said...

thanks Marino ^_^

mi amumiiii
te extranoooo que horror sinti!que chimboooooo lol

Observer said...

you have some amazing films with fransisco the're really amazing! i think i've watched all of your productions @ vimeo thumps up !!! :)

Nadsat Orange said...

observer mu fenx a lotttt!

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