Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I'm gonna talk about twins today. Lets start with Veronicas, the twins who try to get a lot of media coverage by trying to be curious about their sexuality or trying dramatically dress up and act like rebellious adolescent girls, with their odd piercing and whatnot. The worst thing about them is that most of their fans are under the age of 13. I'm not telling that it's bad for a band to have fans under 13, but between you and me, words like ''i feel so untouched, i want you so much. I go oh la la la'', should never come out of a little girl's mouth. (I'm thinking my 5-year-old niece right now, singing this and i find it quite cruel). The thing is that some bands have to stop predenting to dig it to seem alternative.

We live in such a materialistic, fractured, just-in-time society, that it's difficult to find bands that can take you into a deep black hole of an other worldly universe! This is an amazing feeling, and it's the least, of what it feels like when you’re listening to ''School of the Seven Bells''. The twins Alley and Claudia Deheza know the way to make their music work so well. I had the chance to see them perfoming live, supporting ''Bat for Lashes''. Sure, they have angelic voices, and not all ladies can harmonize like they’re in a professional church choir—certainly not every set of twins ( See The Veronicas case).

I remembered how sweetly this song brought tears to my eyes at the concert:

Here are some photos i took at the concert. Aren't they so amazingly beautiful? Yes, they are!


Francisco Blanco said...

I love the post, the tittle, the pics .... and U

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