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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Today i am feeling a bit guilty, for stop writing my blog in Greek. I think that it is sad that we expect everyone to have their online portfolios and sites in English, and i felt in this trap! You see there is so much great stuff out there, and by out there I mean online, than can only be truly appreciated if you can read and understand it! I stopped learning French, since this summer i spent in a college in Tour (an amazing little city near Paris). It is a regret of mine. There are so many Turkish artist that they have their web pages only in Turkish :(

I stumbled on this amazing webpage today: TheBakery, where you can find all-sorts of great stuff. I feel the need to share this short film by Sanne Kurz. It's a 15 minute piece, I'd really suggest you give it your eyes. It starts with this beauty from Chekhov, "Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out."

While i was babysitting my little niece last Saturday, we went creative by doing this video, using the brilliant track of Passion Pit: Let Your Love grow Tall.

Tall as the grass in the meadow?
Or the dunes on the shore?
Like the buildings in the city?
And your children on the floor?
Like the darkness in the forest?
Like my frightened worried eyes?
Or the roots in the soil?
Are skies telling lies?

This amazing chubby man, have the great ability to make me really happy by writing lyrics like the above! It happens as well to be Greek, fact that makes me feel double-proud . Everybody is talking about him right now!

michael angelakos

Here is my video:

And here are some photos i took at the making of! ^_^

Let you love grow tall today and start learning some Turkish ;)


Marl3n said...

Mi Amor!
me quedo sin palabras. Tu creatividad no conozca lineas.

Mil besos desde Londres xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Francisco Blanco said...

Es que es la chica mas genial y completa que existe, sus ideas, sus pensamientos, su ojo y su imaginacion van mas alla de los campos normales .. si veo esta chica por ahi de seguro no la dejo nunca ... I found a lot of love

Anonymous said...

and thanks for writing in English -
I like the stills you took whilst making your movie a lot. They made me curious and I saw more great portrait photography further down your blog.
Having shot the film "1, 2, 3" - which was directed by Siobhan Jackson, improvising upon a short story by her - I wanted to throw you a large thank you for writing about it and great you stopped by to watch!
"1, 2, 3" will be in the cinema at the Edinburgh International film Festival next week - in case you are around, would be lovely to see you!

Nadsat Orange said...

marlennnnn mu thanks a lot! you know i miss you, you know i love you! i have only time to write my blog and not reading urs which is totally unfair! i will find more time soon!

Frankilin mu tu eres mi inspiration y lo sabes! te amo!

Sannekurz I am really glad you found my blog! I though that the movie was directed by you! as the webpage was in German was really hard for me to give the right credits! I have to thank you as well for sharing such jewels on internet! the film is mind blowing honestly! i had to watch it about 4 times!
I wish i could make it to the Festival, but i cant! thanks for the invitation! all the best! you are doing an excellent job!
i salute you ^_^

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