Nad You're A Window Shopper

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I did a great deal of shopping two days ago! I bought a coral rose crop top, from Topshop.,Today i did a different kind of shopping: window shopping. It just so happens that the windows are not made of glass, but rather they float between my itunes and my hotmail. I'm gonna share with you something really cool today. I came across DesignSponge, a site which, by all accounts, is very popular and i can see the reason. If you are looking for ideas for a creative household or three, and some words of true advise on cities around the globe from a design and art perspective here is your place-page. Take a glance through their stuff. While spending ''some'' time through SneekPeeks i felt in love with the following spaces of five different houses/appartments:

My curiosity today drove me to CuriosityShoppe, It was here that my window shopping pace increased somewhat, yet so would yours if you caught site of a wooden radio:


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