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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I watched the film ''The Kite Runner'' recently and i have to tell that it's still haunting me! I never read the book, but i heard that the film was better! I still have to read it though to have my own opinion! The film reveals the true Afghanistan-Life: the truly pain of those people trapped in Afghanistan and have have to endure every single day of their lives.

my favorite scene of the film

From Asia to Africa! I am proudly presenting my last discovery. My new love has the name Tinariwen which is a band formed in 1982 of Tuareg people. They recently performed at the Coachella music Festival and are truly brilliant. While everybody else is choosing A class drugs and fancy clothes to get attention, this band of nomads are keeping music in the way it should be: original and decent. They more than deserve a listen!

Incidently the image today came from here. No idea how i stumbled on this one! ^_^


Observer said...

i have the book back in cyprus but i haven't read it yet, shall i watch the film or wait untill i read the book?

wraioi oi nomades the're pretty rad!

good to see you back in business :D

Nadsat Orange said...

i have to borrow that book then observer my dear!

huuumm usually it's more propriate to read the book, that's what people say!!!

ehm kai ego xairomai chris mu!!! hehehe

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