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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

This Tuesday morning felt like a Monday morning, actually felt even worse as I have been suffering from flu since a few days. I'm much better today but i still have a blocked ear and a running nose which are the most annoying things ever. With this conditions running, it's quite difficult to rise and shine. I've always found thought that a good episode of ''Good Morning World'' can do the trick. Watch it.

I recently loved the video from the latest photo shooting of my favorite shop ''Urban Outfitters'': a bunch of beautiful people, a hillside bathed in evening sun, kites, brightly colored and shaped ever so simply, childlike, a song by M83 created all these ingredients together a very sweet vid! The landscape reminds me easily the place where i live. The video inspired me yesterday to spend an hour from my afternoon in my garden taking photos.

I was doing the job, not listening to M83, but the Strokes. Actually i was listening just a song! i heard it about 20 times! lol ''what ever happened''. I'm sure it happened to you as well: to hear the exact same song more than 2-3 times in a row. A real magnetism lies in Casablancas' voice that you can't recist. I will be the happiest person in the world when the recording studio time will be booked for the Band!

Here i'm sharing some worth sharing photos that i took yesterday ^_^

Little Cristina here was came out at the end to explain me that her grandma (my mum), has bought the flowers we have in the garden from England and Russia!!!! If you say so...

Finally the official video of the best song of 2008. I made my own long time ago. Cristina was in it!


MARINOS said...

For once again, excellent!

I had the chance to have a look to your vimeo videos too, and your works are amazing!

MARINOS said...

Και επειδή μετά από τόσο καιρό δεν αντέχω να μην σε ρωτήσω: -εαν επιτρέπεται κιόλας- με τι ασχολείσαι;;

Αν δεν θες να πεις λεπτομέρειες στο blog σου, στείλε μου email!

Francisco Blanco said...

Excelente post mi bella, u are the best!...las fotos son las mas bellas del mundo.
love u baby

Nadsat Orange said...

marino mu thanks gia ta kala su sxolia!! tha ta poume apo mail betthaaa hehehe!

babe blue te amo! me inspiras conooo!somos los mejores, somos los leaderes, somos el numero 1, pum pum pum...jjejejee extano a tu pais que es mas mierda que el cono!

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