Long Haired Child

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Does anyone else think that Alex Turner looks like a twat with his hair like that?

The forthcoming 10-track record by Arctic Monkeys will be released on August 24 and i'm happily presenting the track-listing which it is as Follows:

1. My Propeller
2. Crying Lightning
3. Dangerous Animals
4. Secret Door
5. Potion Approaching
6. Fire And The Thud
7. Cornerstone
8. Dance Little Liar
9. Pretty Visitors
10. The Jeweller’s Hands

New Arctic Monkeys album it's one of the biggest reasons to be cheerful this summer, but there are so many other pop culture-related stuff that might make you smile this summer and beyond like the fact that ''Where the wild Things Are'', is finally coming out, classic rock is back ( Whitesnake, Def Leppard etc..), Ghostbusters 3 is coming , etc. But until then i can give you two clues that can surely make you happy right now.

Be happy with just a click on each album's cover! ^_^

Not related, but I have spent some time admiring Marco Cibola's work today, here is a site full to the scrollbar with things for you to see and love. I love those plates and i want them bad!

And before i go i ought to share this goodness. Little Joy is the biggest Joy ever! The new video, for the '' next time around'' directed by Marcela Amarante. So sweet and Joyful!


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