Ears will roll!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I am going to London. I am up to good things like watching Robert Smith live and Alex Kapranos. Did you know that Alex Kapranos is half Greek?

Follow this link and you won't miss
The album was leaked onto peer-to-peer networks on February 22, 2009 but please don't forget to buy it when It will be released on April 13, 2009

“Heads Will Roll” is my new headbanging obsession! Enjoy guys orrr Girls

Here It's a video we funnily did in Venezuela with Fran. We wanted to promote Franz Ferdinand new song, Lucid Dreams, it's kinda funny and cool.

I miss my mum


Observer said...

heads will roll indeed!
nice album well balanced hard to distinguish a song!

Nadsat Orange said...

chris muuuuuu
ma pu exathikessss???
elupoumun toses meres!!!

alla alitheia
en teleio
akouo to kathimerina TELEIOOO
i love polla to skeletons kai to soft shock lately!!


Observer said...

eixa kapoia technical problems me to pc meta apo arketo experimentation :P

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