Geek Chic Birthday...

Monday, 16 February 2009

I had my birthday the other day and i invited some good friends to my lovely flat. The night before the party-meeting, i watched the last episode of the 3nd season of The IT Crowd. I love that series, i love the angelic harmony laced with industrial techno, intro theme music:

I don't know if you have heard about it but you should start watching it. The show itself is a hoot. Seasons one and two are unrelentingly funny, and season three is well worth a watch too. But it's not the show I want to talk about as such today. I want to talk about Maurice Moss, who is my favorite character in that show. Maurice is a stereotypical computer nerd, with all the characteristics typical of nerd behavior.

Well that night almost all of my friend were Maurice Moss and even if they didn't have a clue, they liked it. Savva remembered when you asked me what would be the theme of the party? Well the answer is coming a posteriori: Maurice Moss dude, Maurice Moss.

Here are some funny photos of ours:

Maurice Savvas Moss (in my room):

Maurice Christina Moss (In da living room):

Maurice Sen Moss (In da living room):

Maurice Alexia Moss (In da living room):

Maurice George Moss (In da living room):

Maurice Me Moss (In my bedroom):

Thank u guys x


Francisco Blanco said...

Me encantan, pero siento y tengo un crush muy grande con Maurice Nata, guao que sexy y guapa sale esa nerd

Nadsat Orange said...

te ettaba pensando ese aquello mometto...oitte??

Observer said...

eimoun siouros oti parakalou8eis to IT crowd pou tote pou ekames post gia to mighty boosh k ton noel fielding! :D

great idea for theme, prepei na kamw ena skeleto gyaliwn ala moss na eimai super duper geek :P

Nadsat Orange said...

aaaaaaaaaa chris pos einai dunaton na xereis to mighty boosh????uffu telika ehei apithanous kuprious!!! hmmm i alitheia su pane para polu ta gualia su , alla enas skeletos alla moss einai must...ithela na se kaleso...alla ekofkes llion makria!!! muacks


Marl3n said...

Mi amor,
ma touta ta giala einai super ouao! Ma pan tous oullous i' einai i idea mou? Edwses mou kainourgia idea gia ta gualia pou 8elw na kanw;p. Ferta otan er8eis na ta try on!

Observer said...

thanks for the compliment :)

h alh8eia einai oti h3era mono to IT, to mighty boosh en pou to blog sou pou to anakalypsa :P

Nadsat Orange said...

marlen muuu tha su ta ferooo!!! monkey mu perimeno sholia gia to mighty boosh!
big kiss

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