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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Is everyone ready for their Oscar party? I am really worried this year because i want Academy to do the right thing this year and give the Oscar for Best Picture to ''Slum Dog Millionaire''. I heard there is a conspirancy raging against SDM, but what the hell, I hope that it whips every other film at the cart's tail. It's really bad when there are so many people that envy you out there!

''Milk'' is the other movie worthy to win! I've seen it online though and in a quite shit quality, but i really got good vibrations! BUTTTT in case that ''The Reader'' wins then I will have lost ALL my faith to the Oscars, (i mean the few have left)!

I am really excited because i found a way to share the five star soundtrack of the movie. I was never a Bollywood music fan, well actually it's somehow a lie because when i was about 10 i watched a cult classic Indian film with my best friend Ersi and there was a song in that movie, saying something ''jimmy, jimmy, acha, acha''. We were big fans me and my friend, we even made our choreography for the song . Big hit! The funniest thing ever though, is that today while i was shopping funny stuff from Urban Outfitters i heard a remix of ''Jimmy, Jimmy,acha, acha'' (i don't now what the real song title is) and i said WHAT THE HELL! One of the reasons i love Urban Outfitters is the fucking amazing music they play, Music you cannnot find easily in any other shop or indie club-pup-whatever, but listened to that song was too much! I went immediately at the cashier and asked him who is singing that song, and he replied:''Oh, i love that song, it's an old one but M.I.A sings the new version'' . I was shocked, you might don't believe me but i bought the double album -which is amazing -and here is the proof about the jimmy song:


That was my sweet surprised this Sunday Afternoon. BACK TO MY SUBJECT NOW, which is the groundbreaking and refreshing soundtrack of Slum Dog Millionaire. I remembered that when i came back from the cinema (almost a month ago), i downloaded immediately the album. I was playing the album non-stop for days, so much that i had to apologize to my flatmate for hearing the same music every day! My favorite song is"O... Saya'' the song that opens the film, but is just a great piece of music to listen to for its own sake. I bought the new NME today and they totally recommend this song. Well i am impressed by this splendid work, you should really buy this masterpiece now or regret it later! It's one in a million!

here is the playlist with all the album songs in demo:

Here is the movie trailer:


Observer said...

i really liked SDM* too and i believe it worth's an oscar! i haven't seen milk yet... but i really enjoyed the wrestler i'm a big fun of aronofsky and with this movie he proves how a great director he is, also mickey rourkes performance was great and it might get that oscar.

benjamin button although it's a good movie i don't think it deserves any oscars cause is identical with forest camp :/

*SDM i can't stop making the resemble with sadomazo :P

Nadsat Orange said...

observerrrr pe mu tora poios eisai????

anw to milk na to deis!
me ekane na se rotiso poios ise i ekplixi gia to gegonos oti su areskei o aronofsky, e den ehume pollous kuprious na ton xerun! well done kiddo. Vasika den xero an eisai kuprios!

to wrestler that to do next week sto cinema. benjamin it s so boring man!

lmao with our last comment!

reveal ur id observerrr! lol

Observer said...

ena exw na sou pw i love this nightmare pls by all means do NOT stop dreaming!!! :)

stilmou ena email en3 to diko sou epsa3a to profil sou den to eivra kapou :P

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