Saturday, 7 February 2009

For the first time in Lost history we saw the first loophole happening (episode 4, season 5). Of course there are many mistakes in all the seasons, but are small and it's normal to happen as far as we don't realize them happening while we are watching. But that one was quite a huge one. It's absolutely the only thing on this show that has ever not made sense:

Locke, Sawyer, Juliette, Faraday, Miles and Charlotte are trying to get back to the beach looking for the motorboat to take them back to the Orchid. They use a canoe, but after a short while, they notice that unknown people are pursuing them in the other outrigger. Before the pursuers can get any closer, there is another time flash. What we are expecting to happen is to see them all in the water, because the canoe should dissapear, but it doesn't. DUG!!!

I cought you Lost (ok, ok YOU SAW IT TOO)!

(27:40): Watch it happening as many times as you want! (LOL)


Observer said...

it doesn't disappear cause it's physically connected with them thus it time travels with them tada!

is like the bullet in locke's leg...

Nadsat Orange said...

Oh Observer something similar said my friend marlen! all the stuff seams to disappear when the time flash happens like the tents so i was waiting the boat to disappear as well! but maybe you are right!

not maybe, indeed u are right (lol)

but then again...

i dont know will see ...hehehe

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