Saturday, 7 February 2009

I know nothing about Saskatoon, but today i found out that it's a beautiful city in Canada and i really love the name Saskatoon because in greek it sounds ''sa skata'' which mean s''like shit'' and it's funny (whatever)!. What do you know about Saskatoon? Matthew Feyld is from Saskatoon. He draws when he is in Saskatoon. Ok, i'll stop.

Well he is an artist i discovered utterly, stumbling across Flickr ( well i finally don't judge my boyfriend for calling me ''rata de la biblioteca'', because he is right. According to Feyld's biography he suffers from this rare condition where his head swells when he gets stressed. He hasn't let this stop him. He is an amazingly creative and funny artist. You can see his Flickr Page by clicking here. Or just google his name.

That one i think it's my favorite:

Man on Table by Matthew Feyld


Francisco Blanco said...

Amo gritar ..... saskatooooooon!
es contagioso y son palabras magicas tambien jejeje amo mucho ratoncita de biblioteca

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