Give Meg a tambourine or something!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Jack and Meg played a unique-weird version of one of their best songs 'We Are Going To Be Friends' for Conan's last show (20/02). The performance was bloody odd:Meg was playing the quitar (!), Jack was too sad. For some strange reasons i thought that might be the last ever White Stripes Performance. Just get that feeling for few seconds. But then i thought Jack was sad because it was Conan' s last show, so he was just acting good.

Clearly something was up with them, but men i truly, madly, deeply love them, and i wish that they will start touring soon, if i have any chance to see them live! Hurry up!

ps: Is Meg a bit pregnant or the nachos are doing the work for her?


Jude said...

Oh my she does look a "bit" bloaty. I hope it's the nachos!

New lost episodes are out. Give us some commentary natsat :P

Nadsat Orange said...


oh Jude iv seen the new trying to figure things out and then i ll write something new!!!

kisses xxx

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