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Thursday, 12 February 2009

''I was four when i had my second birthday''. That was the sweetest thing i heard this week by my adorable kiddo Litsa. She is four and truly eager to learn Greek like her other classmates! She had her birthday on Sunday, so we sang her Happy Birthday and then she made the request-that all the kids make every 10 minutes- to listen to ''Bananas and Pyjamas'' (the greek version of course).

I'm having my birthday too, really soon and i am struggling with my thoughts and emotions on this. It's quite sad that a certain person i would dying to be with that day , is gonna be a continent away!! It would be really cool if we were together. I imagine us jumping in a pool all the time and this scene has stucked in my mind and it makes me suffocate, because it's totally unfeasable to make it happen.

When you are in a position like this it's good to stop talking about it and start talking about irrelevant things:

a)It has been a long time since I talked about anything fashion, actually i have never talked about fashion in this blog, so this is the time. For some reasons when i find something good related to fashion i don't share it with my friends. Is this too bad? Am i a bad girl? a bad friend? I have been rather Scotland oriented these last few weeks. This page really caught my eye while I was rooting around. Oddities promotes the work of artist's around us and makes honest designs out of our environment and various inspirations, which it sounds really cool. This bag for example rocks so hard core!

b)If you have some time to spare today head on over to See Plats, they say that they're on hunting for talented people, so i'm sure some of you fit the bill. I love the work of Shielagh Tacey:

c) This interview it's an old favorite, with the press is truly a work of genius in my opinion. To claim no leadership and refuse any label placed for words simply spoken is perhaps what the movement was supposed to be about. I love the bit where he asks for a match. I wish I was alive in the sixties. I am still regretting for did't go to Jaen last year to see him live. My Juanjo even bought me the ticket! Well sad story. This is the first of the six parts of the interview:

d) And talking about matches you should check this amazing collection of indian match boxes, that i came across the other day. The collector's name is Matt Lee and i truly envy him. Here is his collection.

Feel free to call me the queen of Irrelevancy! I'll definitely won't judge you, but this is my way to avoid repeating myself when he will call me later from skype. I am gonna tell him about fanky bags and matches from India and not about how much i miss him!

...ups i forgot...check new Pete out, he is really good! Sweet!
Peter Doherty - Last Of The English Roses


Francisco Blanco said...

te amo mi vida .... por siempre!

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