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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Someone please wipe the drool from my face!!! (awwww!)I am joking, but the true is that today i started with something HOT! Public enemies trailer looks like a film worth being excited for, it really looks incredible and Michael Mann seems at his best. The film carries such an amazing cast (jizz): Johnny Depp is exceptional, Bale is the macho man and Cotillard est un amour! The movie will be released July 1, 2009! Watchmen is already yesterday news!

Talking about la magnifique Marion here is her, re-enacting a scene from ‘Psycho’ in the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair! I <3>
Marion Cotillard. Photograph by Mark Seliger.

I prepare a list of things i want to buy, for those who still feel bad about not buying me anything for my birthday. Better late than never folks!!

a)Obama Action Figure: Ok, ok! Obamamania has gone out of control, i know, but i'll be making some wicked stop motion videos with this six-inch lump of wonder. Find it here.
b) Skinny jeans used to be in fashion ages ago! And i'm really sick and tired watching cool wannabes in the streets wearing them. This t-shirt is fairly on the money. Bearing a rather explanatory slogan, it's the perfect antidote to anyone strutting around wearing a tribly and oh-so-tight jeans. I'm a mistress of irony so i'm thinking of wearing the t-shirt with some skinny jeans and watch the heads of passers-by, explode! Buy me the t-shirt here.

c) Emmy the Great+cats+internet humour =LOL, right? Pretty much. Now i can put my twee pop ephemera over my shoulder in style as well as brodcasting the fact that i'm down with the latest web names!! 'Just a Bag'??? Yeah and going to Mars is ''just a long journey''. Found here

d) I am teaching a neighbor spannish 3 times a week and the other day we were watching the Disney Bambi in spannish, for educational reasons. Quite a jolly little film, isn't it? Full of happiness throughout, so why assume the ending will be any different? I found this amazing t-shirt and i want it. Sex pistols wanted Bambi dead? (lol) The easiest way to have it is to visit this page.

I am sharing my secret web pages with you, if you haven't noticed, but sharing my factory of Dreams webpage it's like crossing the limit a bit! Nevermind I'd advise that you take a few minutes to look through all ''Factory 20'' have to offer. Honestly. It must have taken ages to acquire such a vast and illustrious collection. Hats off to them. Here are the items i'd most like to have.

For the late night reading sessions

For the walls some Niko Isaic Cuban film posters

For my bedroom something really vintage and classy to keep my NMEs
I love this Vintage Hermes style luggage bag...

...and this Vintage set of Tennis Racquets

Lot of hot stuff today! Here is a video that a made with my flatmate days ago! (claymotion style). Hope to appreciate it cause it took us long time to do it (especially when we had to separete for each photo our actors-damn plasteline)!!! heh! Yes we tried to give a hot message: Wear the plastic for God Sake! hehe

Stay awake to break the habit bye ^_^


Francisco Blanco said...

Guaoooo genial ya tengo en mi lista de regalos para ti, un presente que te va a encantar ...solo espero a verte en 27 dias para que me digas si te gusto o no! jjeje
great work thanks for sharing nata goddess

Nadsat Orange said...

carajito miuuuuuuuuuuu! t.a

Jenn Breckenridge said...

Where are your stop motion movies of Obama? ...The link didn't work. = (

Nadsat Orange said...

hi Jenn and welcome...actually the vid it's not ready yet, i must buy the obama's doll first (heh)

you are right btw the link it's for the t-shirts, you can find obama's doll on ebay though


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