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Friday, 6 March 2009

Few days ago my friend Lakis sent me on facebook this link, the lost season 5 promo shot asking me if i could see something weird going on. The first think i noticed was that some people were so obviously photoshopped in and they looked a little alien-like. But i liked it anyway. Then i started looking for hidden secrets and i was shocked when i realised that Faraday is missing a foot. Lakis said that Faraday's leg was removed purposely and i agreed with him. Watching today the new episode i believe that Faraday's missing foot is connected with the giant foot on the Island.

It is at the moment when Sayer, Jin, Juliet and Miles are following the flash that occurred as Locke was descending the well to turn the Frozen wheel, they look up and see the back of a gigantic statue. It is unknown though if this statue is the same as the ruins previously seen by Sayid.

The statue, seen by Jin, Sun and Sayid (Live together die alone")

A statue as seen by Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, and Miles. (''La Fleur'')


I have to say, i'm so completely on board with this.
Plus I love how she calls him “James.”
Plus i hate Kate. She is extremely annoying. Please Lost writers get rid of her soon and btw he is not you're son you bitch!


Francisco Blanco said...

Esa es la pierna que necesito nad!....was lost, creo que la encontre...

Nadsat Orange said...

mira senor tu no veas lost no te doy permiso ecribir comentarios en mis posts sobre lost oiste? eschuche sera la respuesta propia...

pero oige francisco men yo tambien encontre mi piernita! <3

Observer said...
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Observer said...

i studied that promo pic a bit and you can also notice that locke's feet are in the ground..also hurley is above all i wonder what that means!

alla to podi einai fked up :/ perimenw na mas dei3oun kanena flashback me to black rock 'h akomh ena pio palio me ta origins tou island k tous prwtous katoikous tou.

einai apla aktipito to didymo twn senariografwn

-edit- prepei na valoun ena edit faction sto blogger

Nadsat Orange said...

ke ego anupomono na do to episodio pu tha mas deixoun ton faraday na kataskeuazei ton troxo...chris im pretty sure bout that!

ton harley ti ton evalan pio pano apo olous..kali parathrish...asxeto esu en mu eipes antipatheis tin kate? heheh

Observer said...

den mporw na pw oti thn sympa8isa idaietera pote alla den th misw wste na 8elw na thn diw3oun :P pezei k ayth to rolo ths mesth plokh (un)fortunately

Nadsat Orange said...

ne ne kurie observer kane me na fainomai kakia tora!!!!


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